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Which Breakroom Services Are Right for Your Seattle Business

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

If you're near Seattle, then you know it's a beautiful, exciting area to live in. Your breakroom should match those vibes! But which service is right for you? That's why we're here to help! So many factors go into deciding what kind of breakroom service to go with, which is why we're passionate about finding a custom solution that works for your organization. Keep on reading to get the breakdown of the variety of breakroom services we offer.

Micro markets are fantastic for larger teams or non-public areas with much foot traffic. They're great for when you want fresh food to be offered at all times and for a wide range of schedules. No one gets left out of the benefits! We have hundreds of items, from fresh food (that vary seasonally) to snacks and beverages. Our snacks include the usual suspects, like chips, cookies, and candy. But you can find other choices like protein-packed bars, jerky, nut mixes, hard-boiled eggs, cheeses, veggie cups, and much more.

  • College campuses and technical schools

  • Casino EDRs

  • Offices with 100 or more employees on site

  • Curious if a micro market would be a good fit in your space? Contact us for a free consultation!

You can't go wrong with a classic! Vending is a versatile solution on its own or as a supplement to other breakroom services. We have vending machines that offer snacks, cold beverages, and hot drinks too! While we think vending locations are genuinely limitless, you can most often find them here:

  • Hospitals and healthcare offices

  • Buildings that need multiple snack and beverage options across floors

  • Public spaces that require additional security around products

Pantry services include bulk snacks like trail mix, granola, fresh fruit, and more. You can also offer beverages like soda, sparkling water, or energy drinks. Our easy-to-use pantry site makes it simple to quickly order in bulk what you need (and receive free shipping on orders over $100). Or we can manage your orders based on your specific needs; that way, you don't even have to lift a finger. The choice is yours! You can often find pantry services in the following locations:

  • Corporate offices

  • Hotels and hospitality locations

  • Any company that is looking to stand out among other competitors

One is necessary for survival, the other for surviving your workday, and we offer both! Get the top of line brewing equipment and tasty roasts. Plus, you can't forget the additions that make a cup of coffee your own; milk of choice, creamer, sweeteners, and various flavorings. Also, make sure your space has smart water coolers like Bevi, NSF-certified filters, and even ice machines! You can relax knowing that we take care of all the details!

Is your business outside of the Seattle area? No need to worry, because we got you covered too! We have branches in Olympia and Portland, OR. That means you can expect the same level of excellent service no matter where you are located in the Pacific Northwest. Ready to learn more? Contact us now!


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