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Breakroom Services FAQ

  • What breakroom solutions do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of breakroom solutions that can be customized to fit your needs. We can provide micro markets, coffee and water services, pantry solutions, and full-line vending. We also offer corporate catering services, hotel pantry supplies, and more. Evergreen Refreshments is passionate about innovation, and we love finding new solutions to help keep employees happy, productive, and well-fed.
  • Who do you service?
    There isn’t a limit to the businesses we serve. You might find Evergreen Refreshments in your office breakroom. But you can also find our extensive services in hospitals, college campuses, warehouses, call centers, banks, airports, hotels, multi-tenant buildings, and more.
  • What are the costs?
    Great news! There is no cost to the employer to offer a Micro-Market or Vending program. The only cost involved is for individuals who purchase items. For our Coffee and Pantry Service programs, we will tailor a program based on your needs and budget. Our goal is to improve your service, and save you time and money!
  • How soon can we get started?
    From the time of the request to your installation, it typically takes three to four weeks. In some cases, it can be much sooner than this.
  • What are the different set-ups available?
    It all depends on the space available and your specific needs. We will design a setup that is right for you and your team.
  • How often are we serviced?
    Each client’s service schedule is designed around their product, volume, and service needs. Based on this, we will design a schedule ensuring you always have what you need, when you need it.
  • Do you offer corporate catering?
    Yes! Our catering division: Act 3 Catering, has a variety of menus to keep your corporate team well-fed and happy. Whether you want to have your holiday office party, or simply celebrate your team, they cover it all.
  • How does your hotel pantry services work?
    Enhance your guest experience with a hotel pantry provided by Evergreen Refreshments. Order online what products you want (we have hundreds) and receive free shipping on orders over $250. Your staff will save time while we take care of the stocking, organizing, and ensuring your pantry is ready to delight your guests.
  • Where do I make a request for a product that I love?
    Simply text us at the number listed on the service sticker or email us at
  • How do I submit a service request for equipment that isn’t working?
    We have a texting service, where anyone can report equipment that may not be working properly. All you have to do is text us at the number listed on the service sticker – it’s that easy!

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