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Who We Service: Thinking Beyond the Office Space

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

From office coffee services to micro markets, we have solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

Evergreen Refreshments is a company with multiple solutions that can help endless types of businesses. From warehouse spaces to call centers, we believe it's essential to think outside the corporate box. Here are a few examples of the industries we work with and how they can benefit from our services.

Offices and Company Breakrooms

We reinvent breakrooms across the Pacific Northwest. Micro markets keep your employees onsite and fueled with hundreds of meals, snacks, and drink options. It's a great way to provide a perk that your team will actually take advantage of. From start-ups to car dealerships, your office space will never be the same.


Access to fresh food and hot coffee for those that need it most. Don't have time to go to a cafeteria? Evergreen Refreshments has got you covered with vending machines, coffee services, and micro-markets! We help keep healthcare workers energized during night shifts and patients stocked up on their favorite snacks.


You can find our services on college campuses and technical schools in Washington and Portland, Oregon. Regardless of the size of your campus (or how many locations you have), our Total Program Management means we take care of everything, and you get the stars. Busy minds need fuel, and we offer a wide range of solutions to put some pep in your step.


Offer your guests a high-end pantry experience while keeping your staff free to do what they do best: offer excellent service. From boutique hotels to large chains, your guests will feel valued and excited to stay with you. In addition, self-service and sanitary check-out options keep everyone safe and happy when the late-night munchies strike.

And More!

These can include warehouses, call centers, and manufacturing plants. Our solutions include freshly brewed coffee and vending machines that are consistently stocked on a regular basis. Whether you're busy lifting heavy items, working long hours, or helping others, you want equipment that works as hard as you do.

Could you use our services in your location? Then, let’s make magic happen!


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