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Why Breakroom Spaces Are Essential for Your Employees

Whether your business is big or small, creating breakroom spaces for your team members is super important to help them be their best selves. With our micro markets and extensive coffee service, you can perk up any breakroom to improve team morale and keep satisfied employees.

To Create Community

Humans are social creatures, and even when focused on work, they should have a space to feel safe to talk and socialize. For example, a breakroom with yummy coffee offerings will encourage employees to feel comfortable and have a sense of togetherness. Likewise, having a designated area where team members can catch up together will always be better than a simple water cooler.

To Offer Flexibility

Forget about the long drive-thru line or doing multiple coffee runs a day. Micro markets offer flexibility and freedom of choice so they can stay onsite. With easy access to fresh meals and snacks, employees have more time to enjoy their breaks and make the most of a long shift at work. They don't need to drive to a convenience store or fast food spots because anything they could want is right at their fingertips!

To Enhance Collaboration

Efficient collaboration can often facilitate innovation. Imagine brainstorming new ideas over a freshly brewed latte or developing creative solutions over a healthy lunch? That's what we're all about! So give your team space and opportunities to create magic, recharge, and get back to work with energy to take on the world.

Are you looking to enhance your breakroom with a micro-market or exceptional coffee service? Then, let's make magic happen! We work with the space you already have to bring your vision to life. Micro markets only need a designated area, high-speed internet, and electrical outlets. We also offer vending and pantry services, so whatever your needs are, we got you covered! Click the button below to get started!


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