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What Is an Office Coffee Service? A Quick Overview

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

A robust coffee service consists of more than a few carafes of coffee. In fact, it can consist of way more than just coffee. There are a dozen types of teas, flavored syrups, creamers, sugars, and milk alternatives. There is also hot chocolate and even ciders to consider. Whether you have a small or large team, the right office coffee service should make sense for your company and be customized accordingly. 

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Enhance Your Office Coffee Service With Brewing Systems

There is a variety of brewing equipment to fit any need and budget. There are traditional drip brewers, single-cup machines, and extensive bean to cup equipment that even has milk included. They offer cappuccinos, flavored lattes, macchiatos, and other fancy drinks – all at the tap of your finger. We can provide a variety of options for your coffee brewing needs, including the latest in single-cup solutions and traditional drip brewers. We will provide the right equipment for your specific needs and clean and restock everything so all you have to do is enjoy! 

Water, Ice, and Filters – Oh My!

Office coffee services can often include water coolers, ice makers, and filters. Each bottle-less water cooler provides an endless supply of purified water. In addition, we have first-class ice makers; a surprisingly luxurious experience. Everyone knows a place that sells that good ice, and now your workplace can join those ranks. All equipment selected by us is best-in-class, including our icemakers for those looking to improve their amenities. We only use top-rated, NSF-certified filters, ensuring your equipment is providing the cleanest and highest quality water possible.

Saving You Money

Take your breakroom space to the next level with a coffee service that feels luxe but is cost-effective. it’s really possible! If you’re curious about how your company can save money with robust coffee services, you can schedule a consultation or reach out to us below. Our team will walk you through all the details and create a custom coffee program that is perfect for your employees. 

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