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6 Reasons Clients Trust Our Office Coffee Service

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Trust is the key to relationships that stand the test of time. Find out why Evergreen Refreshments office coffee service customers say they would not want to try another office coffee program.

Many prospective vendors talk about a good game to win your business only to fail later on in meeting your expectations as a customer. Even those who meet your expectations do not always act as true partner who has your organization’s best interests at heart.

Here at Evergreen Refreshments, we pride ourselves on our ability not only to win new customers with exceptional and affordable office coffee service programs but to keep those clients happy for the long term. We do this by partnering with your organization, rather than merely selling to your company, in the way we do business. Specifically, we believe these six factors are the reasons clients trust their office coffee needs to us, and why our clients say they would not want to change providers.

Six Things You Want from Your Office Coffee Service Provider

1. We can help you save money.

Cost is rarely the only factor in choosing a vendor, but it is often one of, if not the most important factor business owners cite for choosing an office coffee service provider. puts it in the top spot of what you should consider when choosing a vendor, noting that:

  1. Price is not just about total cost, but maximum value in proportion to price

  2. Vendors whose estimates come in far below others may indicate issues with the quality of their products or services

  3. Transparency overall and in the details in pricing is key to compare choices and to set expectations

We have decades of experience in office coffee service. We know what works. We know how to put together a coffee service that will come in on budget for your facility without sacrificing quality. We understand how an office coffee solution reflects the brand of your business to clients, customers, and employees. Whether you want to make a good first impression on prospects or leverage office amenities like coffee and other beverages as employee perks, we can help.

Our contracts and pricing are transparent. When you sign on with us can be confident that you understand what our service will cost and what you will receive. We never want you to be unpleasantly surprised with additional costs listed in fine print or hidden fees.

2. We are reliable!

We are not going to make promises we cannot keep or set you up for other disappointments. Your Evergreen Refreshments sales and service professionals are dedicated to your account. They take the time to understand your business needs, so that your office coffee service can be constantly replenished without overstocking, and so that we can suggest improvements which can lower your costs and improve your return on investment.

3. We do not see ourselves as your “vendor.”

We see ourselves as your partner. From the point in time that we first propose an office coffee solution for your business to the day to day servicing of your account, we strive to put your organization’s best interests at heart. Sometimes that means suggesting an expansion of your office coffee program or showing you how you can combine some of our other solutions (micro markets, pantry services, vending machines, etc.) alongside your coffee solution to increase the value perceived by your staff and customers. At other times that means showing you where the program could be changed to cut costs without sacrificing those same perceptions.

4. We are proactive.

Your office might not need it, but isn’t it great to know that we have already sourced a best-in-class bean to cup brewer that (a) is a true office coffee machine workhorse, and (b) can make more than 35 custom coffee drink combinations? You can even put ads or announcements on it!

We are always hungry for new technology and products that can enhance your office coffee subscription. We tend to err on the side of making as many products available as we can, so that we can truly customize your office coffee, beverage, pantry, vending or micro markets solution to your wants and needs. However, when it comes to equipment, we are meticulous in exploring which machines and technology offer the best solutions, maximizing value in relationship to cost. Currently, some of our most commonly-placed equipment includes:

  1. Bean to cup brewer

  2. Single cup style machine

  3. Barista style machine

  4. Traditional drip office coffee maker

  5. Water

  6. Sparkling water

In most cases, we will not suggest that your business purchase an expensive machine, because the larger the investment, the longer you must make do with that equipment. We do not want you to get stuck with a machine that meets your needs now, but which might not meet your needs next year, the year after that, or five years down the road. Technology changes quickly. We want the flexibility to upgrade your equipment when better technology or machines become available, or when business growth and organizational change requires changes to your coffee program.

5. We provide exceptional inventory management and cost controls.

Many small businesses start out with in-house coffee service purchasing and replenishing that may or may not include inventory management, forecasting and cost controls. As the business grows, these systems can become unwieldy, impractical and result in unnecessary spending. By outsourcing these responsibilities to Evergreen Refreshments, you receive the added value of an account manager whose goal is to make sure you have the best program possible. That includes stocking, measuring and tracking use, replenishing coffee and supplies, generating usage projections, making suggestions for improving your program as your business needs change, and helping you to control costs and reduce waste.

When it comes to office coffee (whether you outsource or not) there are many different types of products to consider and which you will need to purchase, stock, inventory and replenish, such as:

  1. Coffee

  2. Tea

  3. Sweeteners

  4. Hot / cold water

  5. Sparkling water

  6. Paper products (cups, sleeves, napkins)

  7. Containers

  8. Stirrers and silverware

  9. And more!

And even within these general categories are any number of decisions. For instance, we stock more than 50 different types and flavors of coffee, several dozen different types of sweeteners, and we offer traditional as well as “green” compostable disposable products. The more we can work with you to customize a program tailored to your budget as well as your employee and customer wants and needs, the more we can turn your coffee service into a true amenity.

6. We deliver when it comes to equipment and equipment maintenance and service.

Your account representative and service professionals do not just respond if your equipment has a problem or breaks down, they continually maintain your office coffee equipment. This includes checking overall functionality, cleaning equipment, replacing filters and more. Servicing your equipment frequently helps prevent costly breakdowns that can result in unexpected expenses and inconvenience to your staff and customers.

This applies not only to the equipment used for coffee, but any equipment used as part of an office coffee and beverage service. For instance, in many white and gray-collar work environments, specialty coffee and sparkling water machines are becoming the norms rather than the exceptions. Even when it comes to basic coffee, your organization may have several options available, including:

  1. Traditional coffee pot or thermos style brewers

  2. Barista style machines for espresso-based coffee drinks

  3. Cold brew coffee makers

  4. Single-cup brewers

  5. Iced and frozen coffee drink machines

  6. Bean-to-cup brewers

Depending on the size and make-up of your workplace, one or any number of equipment combinations might be called for. It is common for a facility to have different types of equipment in different areas, such as a specific office coffee solution for customers compared to the solution available in employee break rooms, cafeterias, and so on. Likewise, an organization might offer different beverage solutions to office employees and executives, or for meeting spaces, as compared to the coffee solution needed in their warehouse or manufacturing area.

Could Your Business Benefit from an Office Coffee Solution?

Many different types (and sizes) of businesses could leverage a quality office coffee solution as an employee perk or a customer amenity. Our customers often (although not always) fall into these categories:

  1. Technology firms and information companies

  2. Mid to large size legal firms and similar offices

  3. Co-working facilities

  4. Real estate agencies

  5. Car dealerships

  6. Auto repair and service companies

  7. Small, mid-size and large manufacturers

  8. Hotels, motels and other hospitality businesses

  9. Hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities

We view coffee solutions as more than just coffee and equipment. The conveniences represented in your corporate beverage program can help you attract and retain employees as well as clients. If employees do not have to leave work to get specialty and espresso-based coffee drinks, they can be more productive, and your organization can enjoy less lost work time. When your beverage program includes elements of social or environmental responsibility it can increase employee and customer perceptions about your brand values, and the benefits of doing business with you.

Even small offices have robust coffee needs! The typical 75-person office is probably already spending more than $2,000 a month on coffee products and may be able to save not only time but also money with an office coffee service that includes equipment and products such as:

  1. A bean-to-cup brewer for the freshest coffee possible

  2. A Bevi sparkling water dispenser

  3. Specialty, niche, flavored, and high-end coffees and teas

  4. Compostable service items (cups, etc.)

We offer office coffee and beverage services throughout the Pacific Northwest. If your business is located along the I-5 corridor anywhere from north of Seattle to south of Portland, we have representatives who are ready to meet with you virtually or at your facility to help assess your needs and offer a beverage program proposal that packs value into a budget-friendly solution.

Why – and Where – Office Coffee is Serious Business

The days of the basic communal office pot are over. Millennials are now the most populous group in the American work force and they simply love their coffee. A Money Matters report found that 41 percent – more than four out of every ten Millennials – admit they spend more on coffee than they contribute toward their retirement plans.

If you have Millennial employees or customers, a one-size-fits-all office coffee service just will not do anymore. Millennials are more likely to prefer specialty coffee drinks; 70 percent of the coffee they drink come in the form of gourmet beverages vs. just 30 percent as non-gourmet, and 32 percent of Millennials say they consume an espresso-based beverage every day. Millennials are also more likely than other generations to be aware of single-cup brewers. spent over 300 hours studying coffee statistics last year, analyzing costs, quantities, preferences, and reasons for consumption among American adults. One of the findings they reported that should be of specific interest to employers was the difference in quantities consumed by industry and what the average person spends on coffee each year by industry.

The average office worker consumes about 20 cups of coffee each week, however when compared by industry the amount of coffee consumed daily ranges from 2.3 to 3.5 cups each day. Industries whose workers tend to have more constant communication with people, and which required high levels of concentration and productivity tended to consume more coffee per day:

  1. 5 – Wholesale and retail, hotel and foodservice

  2. 4 – Manufacturing

  3. 3 – Construction workers

  4. 1 – Information services employees

  5. 0 – Finance, insurance or transportation

  6. 9 – Government

  7. 8 – Arts and entertainment

  8. 7 – Medical and health care professionals

  9. 5 – Education

  10. 3 – Technology

Statistics like this show that coffee is an essential part of the workday for most Americans and as Millennials continue to dominate the workforce, offering an exceptional coffee service is a must-have. If you are ready to work with a true partner in office coffee services, we are ready to work with you!

About Us

Evergreen Refreshments, formerly operating under Evergreen Vending and Northwest Coffee Services, is one of the largest providers of coffee services in Portland, Seattle, Olympia, Tumwater and surrounding areas in the Pacific Northwest.


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