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Tips for Creating Healthy Habits in the Workspace

Considering we spend a substantial part of our day at work, it’s essential to make the most of it. A few changes here and there can actually make a world of difference. In fact, some of our services can help your team make healthy changes and develop better habits. For example, our micro markets offer hundreds of food options that cater to various diets like keto, gluten-free, vegan, and more. We have snacks and meals with clean ingredients, making eating healthy that much easier. We also provide multiple types of water coolers, which leads us to our first tip!

Stay Hydrated

Ok, we get that drinking more water isn’t exactly revolutionary news in the health industry. But if plain unflavored water is a hard drink to swallow, we’ve got multiple other choices. Like sparkling water, teas (hot & iced), and sports drinks which generally have electrolytes added for hydration. We also love Bevi as a fun and easy way to get more water during your workday. They offer endless carbonated and still water in over a dozen flavors like blackberry lime and peach-mango. Yum!

Go For a Walk (or Stand)

If you work in an office environment, there’s a good chance that you spend most of your day sitting down. Research has shown that sitting for extended periods of time is linked with multiple health issues. These include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, elevated cholesterol levels, and excess body fat around the midsection. To avoid this, make an effort to walk more throughout your day. If that isn’t possible, talk to your employer about investing in standing desks. There is a wide range of standing desks available to fit any budget.

Eat More Greens

Eating a salad is objectively a pretty healthy thing to do. That’s why we stock our micro markets with delicious salads that rotate with the seasons. A few examples include Greek-inspired salads packed with feta and ancient grains in the Fall and fresh salads topped with sweet berries in the Summer. When you can’t get your hands on one of those, we highly recommend the veggie cups (with ranch, obviously) or even a refreshing green juice. It turns out eating more nutrients makes you feel better. Who would have thought?

Snacking Wisely

Let’s face it, a lot of snacks are pretty carb-heavy. A great way to stay fuller longer and therefore eat less junk is to have protein-rich snacks. Some great options include beef jerky, meat and cheese plates, hard-boiled eggs, and pork rinds. If you’re craving protein without meat, we have hummus, cottage cheese, nut mixes, and obviously, protein drinks and bars in multiple flavors. What are some of your favorite items to snack on throughout the day? Let us know in the comments section!

Are you looking to incorporate some positive changes into your workspace? Our micro-markets and water services can help your team reach their goals. Evergreen Refreshments creates breakroom services that make sense for you! Contact us now!


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