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COVID-19 Policies & Practices

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

An Update from Evergreen Refreshments

As many employees return to the workplace, Evergreen Refreshments wants to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to keep your break rooms safe for the people keeping your business running. We believe a safe break room environment can help keep employees on site during the day, thus decreasing the chance of contracting illness outside the workplace and potentially bringing it back to the rest of your workforce.

Below is a letter to our client from Arthur Siller, our VP of Operations, outlining policies and procedures relating to Covid-19. We encourage any of our clients to reach out to us if they have any questions or concerns about these policies. You may have also enacted policies of your own and we hope you will share those with us so we can continue to meet your needs and expectations.

To Our Valued Clients:

During this challenging time, we want to share with you our policies and actions, as they relate to Coronavirus (COVID-19.) Please know that we are taking this situation very seriously and are undertaking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of all our employees, products, and services.

The safety of our clients, employees, and their families, continues to be our top priority. With that, we have implemented enhanced practices while servicing your location, as well as enhanced practices in our own facilities, including our offices, warehouses, and transportation equipment.

Here are the steps we are taking in your location, as of now:

  1. At a minimum, weekly sanitization of your micro-market, vending equipment, coffee brewers, and all other equipment provided and maintained by us

  2. Your Route Driver has the appropriate cleaning products and tools to ensure this sanitization

  3. Gloves have been provided to all Route Drivers, to be used when servicing your location

  4. For our management teams, we have minimized client meetings and field visits

Here are the steps we are taking in our own facilities, as of now:

  1. Enhanced and increased sanitization by our cleaning staff

  2. Communications and training on proper hygiene practices, to maintain a safe workplace

  3. Restrictions on travel, including encouragement of avoiding personal travel where possible

  4. Employees who feel any signs of illness are asked to stay home, and to contact their health professional

  5. A “No Handshake” policy has been implemented

We are committed in our continued service to you and will be monitoring the daily updates and changes as they become available.

Our goal is to continue to provide the excellent service you have come to expect, while doing so in the safest way possible.

Thank you.


arthur siller signature

Arthur Siller VP of Operations Evergreen Refreshments & Avanti Markets NW


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