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Putting the Green in Evergreen Refreshments With a New Eco-Friendly Lineup

We're excited to announce that we're transitioning to a fully compostable and recyclable lineup of paper products and utensils this year. They will include plates, bowls, cups, napkins, cutlery, and more! We'll also offer a bamboo utensil dispenser that will look stylish in any breakroom space.

Keep your Pacific Northwest breakrooms eco-friendly with our compostable products. Compostable plastics are made from renewable materials like corn, potato, tapioca starch, and soy protein. All our products are non-toxic and safe to compost and recycle, even with food waste residue. Because food-soiled product materials make up over 1/3 of what ends up in the garbage, composting is an excellent option for avoiding food waste from landfills. Changing to compostable plastic and recyclable paper is an easy way to create a positive change in your workspace and make your green initiatives a reality.

Our paper plates and bowls are made from bamboo and plant fibers. They are durable and equally great for hot and cold foods. All our compostable products break down at a similar rate to organic matter. They also use less energy to manufacture, and the material actually absorbs carbon while growing.

Benefits of Switching to Compostable Plastic and Paper

  • Made from plant materials like bamboo and dextrose (a sugar produced by plants)

  • Manufacturing uses less energy and creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions

  • Tested to be non-toxic, freezer safe, and suitable for hot foods up to 220°F

  • Certified to break down in commercial composting facilities in 3-6 months

  • No wax or plastic lining (commonly found in non-compostable paper plates)

Our team has worked for months to find the perfect eco-friendly alternatives for your breakroom supply needs. So whether you're looking to switch to new products or try our services for the first, our local team is excited to connect and talk more. We're excited to create the breakroom of your dreams in Washington and Oregon. So be sure to contact us today to get started!


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