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Contactless is the New Normal, Even for Coffee Service

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The term ‘contactless shopping’ is becoming ubiquitous in the retail world these days. Pre-pandemic, it was thought of as a ‘nice-to-have’ or even skewing too far in terms of technology over human interaction at checkout. 

However, in the age of COVID-19, contactless and touchless shopping has become the expected new normal for consumers, even when it comes to workplace refreshments.

At the office, this may mean the end of shared coffee pots with self-serve pours from the same containers. Instead, fully contactless coffee solutions are being introduced and expanded, including bean-to-cup coffee options.

In this vein, Evergreen Refreshments has transitioned its offerings quickly to offer coffee programs that limit shared touchpoints and match consumer expectations for a contactless experience. They have helped dozens of companies switch to safer options for their employees.

With a code-enabled brewer, the employee will no longer have to touch a machine to make a selection or dispense a cup of coffee. By scanning the code on the machine, users simply make their drink choices on their mobile device and the machine will pour the perfectly customized cup of coffee or hot beverage.

Coffee equipment setup with dispensers, cups, lids, coffee sweeteners and tea

For companies that offer a free coffee service to employees, that can still be true. But if employees are paying for their beverages, the system can be integrated with a micro market kiosk to allow payment.

These contactless services can even be applied to other beverage dispensing machines, such as coolers that dispense water which can be carbonated and flavored.

Beyond contactless coffee brewers and beverage dispensers, Evergreen Refreshments can also supply other breakroom staples like individually packaged cups, coffee stirrers, sweeteners, and utensils. This further reduces any risk associated with commonly handled items in the break area.

When it comes to contactless coffee and foodservice programs, companies can trust Evergreen Refreshments to bring a safety-conscious approach to meeting their needs. They will work with clients to build a program that is the right fit and scope- whether that be fresh food Avanti Markets micro markets with contactless checkout, coffee services, or a combination of these and other at-work convenience solutions.

Food and coffee service at work isn’t going away, but it can and should be adapted to meet the changing times in terms of health, safety, and well-being of the companies and employees that Evergreen is proud to work with. 


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