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What Is a Picocooler and How It Can Improve Your Space

Updated: 3 days ago

A PicoCooler is like the perfect mix between a micro market and a vending machine. It's a self-service experience that brings innovation and convenience to your space. If vending machines are no longer cutting it, replace them with PicoCoolers to add more versatility and ease of use. You'll even be able to add a wide selection of snacks, beverages, and even meals. Here are just a few more benefits of a PicoCooler:

Easy & Simple

Modern technology provides quick access and a variety of payment options: Credit/debit card, Apple/Google Pay, or the 365Pay App. In addition, you can quickly check ingredients and nutritional information before buying.

Added Safety

Depending on your needs, PicoCoolers can be locked or unlocked for extra security. If locked, provide payment, select your products, scan, and enjoy! It's an excellent solution for semi-public spaces like airports, gyms, universities, or healthcare facilities.


Our local team is ready to create a breakroom space that is customized to your needs. That means finding a flexible solution that enhances the area you already have. We offer different PicoCooler set-ups depending on your team's size and breakroom space.

Sleek Design

The PicoCooler's efficient set-up is ideal for areas that have a limited amount of extra space. More attractive than traditional vending machines, it's a fantastic choice for smaller teams looking to implement refreshment services.

Ready to add a PicoCooler to your location? Your employees and customers will enjoy various fresh, cold food and beverage options that make it conveniently healthy and always available on the go. Click below to get started!


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