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Our Favorite Snack Ads from the Super Bowl

Updated: Apr 17

The Super Bowl may be over, but we're still watching the snack and beverage commercials on repeat. Here are some of our favorites!

"Having a Blast" - Mountain Dew

We know it's not technically a snack, but since our markets are stocked with refreshments as well, it made sense to include this one. Aubrey Plaza's "bubbly" personality is the ideal juxtaposition to her chaotic surroundings.

"Dina & Mita" - Doritos

This action-packed commercial is almost as explosive as the citrusy heat in the Dinamita Doritos. What do you think? Should we bring this flavor to our micro-markets?

"NERDS Big Game Commercial Ft. Addison Rae" - Nerds Gummy

Making their game day debut (with a little help from Addison Rae), these cute clusters are always popular with our customers.

"Mr. P" - Pringles

Featuring another Parks and Recreation alum, Chris Pratt lends his epic facial hair to play twinsies with the Pringles guy. Or maybe he was the Pringles guy all along? Has anyone seen them in the same room together?

"Yes!" - Reese's

We love this one for the sheer rewatchability factor. The Super Bowl tends to bring out big emotions for most people, so this fits in perfectly.

Looking to add some of these snacks to your breakroom? Get them and hundreds more with a micro market!


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