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5 Ways to Stay Hydrated at Work

Updated: Apr 9

Staying hydrated at work is crucial to maintaining your health and productivity. Many people underestimate the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day, but dehydration can lead to various health problems and even affect your mood and cognitive abilities. First and foremost, it's significant to understand why staying hydrated is so important. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and we need to replenish that water to function correctly. When we don't drink enough water, we can become dehydrated, which can cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and even fainting.

Dehydration can also affect our ability to focus and make decisions. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can impair cognitive performance, making it harder to concentrate and solve problems. This can be especially problematic at work, where we need to be able to think clearly and make important decisions. So, how can you stay hydrated at work? Here are some tips:

Make It Fun to Stay Hydrated at Work

You're more likely to drink more water if it's fun! With smart water coolers, you can easily choose sparkling water and even add flavors like pomegranate blueberry, strawberry lemongrass, peach mango, and more.

Keep a Water Bottle Nearby

Having a water bottle on hand can be a great reminder to drink water throughout the day. Make sure to choose a bottle that's easy to refill and easy to carry around with you.

Set Reminders to Drink Water

If you tend to forget to drink water, try setting reminders on your phone or computer. You can also use a hydration app to track your water intake and get daily reminders. Getting up from your desk and walking to get water can be a great way to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, all while staying hydrated.

Eat Hydrating Foods

In addition to drinking water, you can also eat foods that are high in water content. Some examples include melon, cucumber, celery, and lettuce. Our micro markets are stocked with salads, veggie cups, and seasonal fruit, which will help you stay hydrated while also providing essential nutrients.

Avoid Dehydration Triggers

Certain things can increase your risk of dehydration, such as spending time in hot environments. If you know you'll be in a situation where dehydration is more likely, make sure to drink extra water beforehand and take regular breaks to drink more water. By following these tips, you can stay hydrated and healthy at work. Remember, drinking enough water is essential for maintaining your health and productivity, so make sure to prioritize it throughout your day!


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