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The Evergreen Refreshments team is committed to making positive changes within the refreshments industry and beyond. We are here to help you hit all your green initiatives and eco-friendly goals. 

compostable products for breakrooms in Seattle and Portland

 We are pleased to announce that this year we will be introducing a complete line of 100% compostable and recyclable paper products and utensils. They're gonna be plates, bowls, cups, saucers, knives, and a lot more! We're also going to offer a bamboo utensil holder that's going to look beautiful in any breakroom.

 With our compostable products, you can keep your Pacific Northwest break rooms eco-friendly. Renewable materials such as corn, potato, tapioca starch, and soy protein are used to make compostable plastics. Even with food residues, all our products are not harmful to the environment and can be used for composting or recycling. Because food-soiled product materials make up over 1/3 of what ends up in the garbage, composting is an excellent option for avoiding food waste from landfills.  It's easy to bring about positive change in your workspace and create the green initiatives you want it to be by switching over to compostable plastics and recyclable paper.

 Bamboo and plant fibers are the basis of our paper plates and bowls. They're durable, and they're equally good for hot and cold foods. All our compostable products break down at a similar rate to organic matter. They're also less energy-intensive to manufacture, and the material absorbs carbon dioxide when it grows.

Benefits of Switching to Compostable Plastic and Paper

  • Made from plant materials like bamboo and dextrose (a sugar produced by plants)

  • Manufacturing uses less energy and creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions

  • Tested to be non-toxic, freezer-safe, and suitable for hot foods up to 220°F

  • Certified to break down in commercial composting facilities in 3-6 months

  • No wax or plastic lining (commonly found in non-compostable paper plates)

 For months, our team has been searching for the perfect eco-friendly alternatives to your breakroom supply needs. Our local team is very excited about connecting and talking more, whether you're switching to new products or trying our services for the first time. In Washington and Oregon, we look forward to creating the breakroom of your dreams. And if you want to get started, contact us today!

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